This is becoming increasingly relevant.


This is becoming increasingly relevant.

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I will keep this photo posted for 1 week.

Every time someone Reblogs this photo I will donate 10 cent to charity: water

After the money is donated I will post proof of donation.

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this is my brother two years ago. we were at the park, just me and him, and he turned to me and said “kayla, don’t you ever wish there were no bad people in the world?” i thought it to be a funny thing for a 5 year old to say, but shrugged it off. last year, he didnt come home from school, we thought that being only in grade prep, he might’ve decided to go home with his bestfriend without telling us, but he didn’t.  the school confirmed they saw him get on his school bus after the bell rang. but thats all we knew, the bus driver said that he had gotten off a stop early, my mother was frantically searching the neighbourhood for him. we never found him. it’s been two years and we’re still looking for him, he was such a beautiful boy, and i cant help but think the worst. he could be anywhere in the world by now, so please, reblog this, no matter where you’re from, you could save a life. xx

if you dont reblog this i have no respect for you. help save a child’s life.

this literally breaks my heart

this relates to my blog in 0 ways. but how can i not reblog this. you have to be one heartless person to not reblog this.

I really hope he is found. 

oh my god. have hope. i wish you the best of luck omg <3

We are with you

Please reblog this beautiful boy to help the family find their lost son 😢

Aw :(

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this picture looks so washed out >:(

my quality instagram - @wifi0k

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when you go to the kitchen and there’s no food so you’re just like 


i’m just gonna grab.. huh

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and we all feel a simultaneous punch to the gut.

but!!!!! this is so important!!!! this is such a potent metaphor for how much bad things are glamorized in our society like eating disorders or self harm and so you have these little kids seeing it made dramatic and beautiful and i just!!!! catching fire u did so good u did so good


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ok so I’m doing a Camera Giveaway so yayyy!!1!1!!!

If you want to know why I’m doing this giveaway, just ask me here


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  • I will choose the winner using
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the boys in brighton yesterday :)

remember when he went bungee jumping naked when he reached 100,000 subbies?! boy i just wanna see you strip. 

remember when he went bungee jumping naked when he reached 100,000 subbies?! boy i just wanna see you strip.